Your Provider Ally

We intend to provide immediate responses to the needs of comprehensive supplies for industrial plants, buildings, commercial premises and offices. For this, we dedicate a lot of importance and resources to the monitoring and supervision of the contracted services, we highly value quality and we believe that the main point of our strategy is the quality provided to our client, seeking to achieve the defined objectives.

The Advantages of our Services:

• Centralized service.

• Coordination of the services, assignment and monitoring of the services until their total completion.

• Personal manager: To each Client account we assign a manager from our call center, who will supervise the works until they are satisfactorily solved, having demanding quality control.

• Geographical scope: MULTISERVICIOS GROUP 2014 has a network of services throughout the world, with the possibility of covering where your community of owners, office or business is located, it can be kept in perfect condition.


The wide range of products that we offer, to achieve a global response to the needs that you require, in general lines are:

  • All kinds of stationery, office supplies and consumables.

  • Wide range of lubricants, industrial filters, parts, spare parts and in general.

  • Materials and personal protection equipment, helmets, safety glasses, gloves of all kinds, safety panties, raincoats, ear plugs, as well as signs.

  • All kinds of furniture for your offices and premises, including cleaning and maintenance materials for them.

  • All kinds of automotive parts, parts and accessories for all types of vehicle or light or heavy machinery.

  • General hardware products and articles, electrical and electromechanical tools, refrigeration equipment and air conditioners.

  • Manufacture of uniforms of any kind and all kinds of advertising and POP material.

  • Steel pipes, drill pipes, pipes for the oil industry, PVC pipes and steels, pipes and hollow profiles.

  • Centrifugal pumps, bilge pumps, or sump pumps, submersible pumps and in general, all types of pumps.

  • Valves for the oil industry, needle valves, check / check or check valves, gate valves and in general, all types of valves.

  • All kinds of specialized chemical products for the oil and petrochemical industry, we offer state-of-the-art technology for all treatments and processes, for example:

  • Water clarification: Coagulant and flocculants for clarification of tributary and effluent waters. Nutrients for microorganisms in biological systems, H2S oxidant, Polymers for dehydration and recovery of sludge.

  • Cooling systems, carbon steel and yellow metal corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, biodispersants and oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides.

  • Steam systems, salt dispersant, corrosion inhibitors and oxygen scavenger.

  • Chemical treatment for atmospheric towers, neutralizing and filmic amines, antifoam, etc.


In addition to all these products we offer personnel transfer supplies.


Our catalog is expanded day by day with the observation by all our technical and commercial team of new needs that arise in integral supplies, or new industrial, construction and facilities products that come onto the market, to expand our product network

We would like you to grant us an interview at the date and time that is most convenient for you so that we can discuss our project more extensively and resolve any doubts that may arise.


We sincerely appreciate your attention and I remain at your disposal and waiting to receive any type of response.