Personalized Service

We are pleased to send you the presentation of our company MULTISERVICIOS GROUP 2014 C.A., we offer services and supplies of industrial products in general worldwide. We are a very young company, but with a highly experienced staff, characterized by the fulfillment of our work and excellent customer service and our own staff.

Excellence and Professionalism

Thanks to our experience and continuous effort, we have managed to start as a company supplying all kinds of products for the oil and petrochemical industry, constantly seeking the growth and improvement of our work, as well as the constant updating of our procedures, in order to offer a competent service with the latest technology.

Insured and Guaranteed

Our main objective is to offer the best materials service, always betting on the quality of our products, based on the generation of constant values ​​for our clients and society in general, supplying integrated solutions that improve and facilitate all of our clients' processes. To achieve these levels of service, we combine the best brands on the market, with a varied team of highly professional and academic experience.

Attention Office: 1825 Main Street, Weston FL 33326 Miami / USA
Contact: +1 (786) 253-9255 / +58 414 831.61.18 / 424 858.85.03

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